Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

From Athens to Istanbul

After we'd picked up the girls in Athens we took our third day off riding to have look at the city. On the following day we finally left Athens and travelled all together north through the beautiful  Parnass. We made a sightseeing stop in Delphi where we had to do some serious hill climbing in full motorcycle wear to get to see the whole area. It was absolutely worth it!  The next riding day ended in Thessaloniki and we finally met our hosts Lina and Babis, who will be hosting our bikes for 12 months in their garage. Later on also Giannis and his wife Ralu joined us and we had a fantastic evening together with tons of excellent food. Very nice! Thanks again, you're great guys!

After Thessaloniki we did another two stages with several wet portions until we finally reached Istanbul. The traffic is as crazy as we had imagined and additionally we had some difficulties in finding the appartment we had rented. When we ended up in front of Nisantasi university a huge crowd of students gathered around us after a short while. Everybody was very interested in our journey and finally with the help of their professors wo could solve the address problem. Thanks to all of you!

The next two days are reserved to look at this giant city.


  1. So happy to have fınally get ridden of the french girls? We hope that the ride out of Istanbul was quıeter than last time. We wish you a very very nice last ride day tomorrow, and thanks you both again for taking us on this great road trip. Christian don´t search for your postcards from Istanbul, Laure has still them.
    Merci encore et a plus Pollux!

  2. Thanks for telling me about the postcards. I realised it too. Please feel free to use it.
    I keep on saying, that the the pleasure was was all mine. We wish you the most relaxing days in Istanbul without any gasoline talks.
    All the best to the both of you